Every patient has different dental care needs. In order to provide a proper diagnosis of your condition, we would need to do a thorough examination with all the necessary x-rays.

Your treatment costs will depend on the condition of your teeth and gums, the treatment recommended and the options you choose.

The following are indicative private prices for some of the more common treatments.

You should consult one of our dentists for a more individualised costing.

Written estimates can be provided.

Med 2 forms can be provided to allow you to claim tax relief on eligible treatments from Revenue.

Eligible treatments include root canal treatments, treatment of extensive gum disease, crown and bridge, orthodontic treatment (6 Month Smiles)and implants.

Fees associated with treatment with our visiting Oral Surgeon are not included in the list below. Those fees would be agreed directly between the patient and the Oral Surgeon.

Dental Health Check                                                        €35                  (FREE for Medical Card holders and PRSI qualified)

Dental Health check including intra-oral x-rays                €60                  (FREE for Medical Card holders and PRSI qualified)

Small x-ray                                                                       €15

Panoramic Full Mouth x-ray                                              €50

Prescription                                                                      €35                  (FREE for Medical Card holders)

Scale and Polish including Oral Hygiene Instruction         €60

Extensive Treatment of Gum Disease                              €75- €400

Amalgam Filling (depending on size)                                €80 - €120      (2 fillings FREE per annum for Medical Card Holders)

White Filling (depending on size)                                     €85 - €130

Glass Ionomer Filling (depending on size)                       €65 - €80

Extraction routine (including necessary x-ray)               €80                 (FREE for Medical Card holders)

Extraction surgical (including necessary x-ray)              €100 - €120

Complete Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures                    €800               (FREE for Medical Card holders)

Partial Acrylic Denture                                                       €370 - €490    (FREE for Medical Card holders) 

Cobalt-Chrome Denture                                                    €790

Root Canal Treatment (depending on tooth)                    €320 - €490

Crown (depending on type)                                              €580 - €750

CEREC Empress crown                                                      €580

CEREC Emax crown                                                           €680                                                                            

Post and core                                                                    €180

Implant Supported Crown                                                 €900 - €1200

Sports Mouthguard                                                            €75

Sedation                                                                            €90 - €180

6 Month Smiles Orthodontics 1 Arch*                              €2200

6 Month Smiles Orthodontics 2 Arches*                          €2800

*6 Month Smiles treatment includes a free post-treatment hygienist visit and a free starter tooth whitening package.

As over 80% of people have some State cover, you should enquire from reception about the arrangements in place for PRSI and Medical Card holders.

We accept payment in cash, cheques or by credit card.

We also accept New Ross Chamber of Commerce vouchers.

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